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About Us


is a company that was created by Cameron Aeos Hensley and his friends!

Our goal is to help foster a better world, offer community events in our town, support love and growth, and accept everyone. We also want help others follow their dreams. We accomplish this by hiring local artists to draw nerdy shirts, investing in others, and giving support in any way possible. 

We don't want to make the world worse in any way.  

"It's Win Win!!" Enigma says playfully!


We have a few different divisions, dealing in Nerd Hobbies, content creation, Convention Planning, and game design.


The Nerd Dungeon: 

Is focused on Upcycling secondhand Nerd Goods and giving them a Second chance at life. They also sell Nerdy Clothes, New Goods, and CANDY!!!

2ndWins & Asheville Will:

Are our YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch Channels where we create a bunch of different types of nerdy content for everyone's enjoyment. 

Winter's Tide:

Is a video game expo and convention we host every year in Asheville, North Carolina. 

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